Two weeks & counting…East Africa

Excitement is setting in along with feeling very anxious to arrive to this unknown land.

We have been to Morocco a few years ago. We have never explored East Africa…we only have done extensive research and planning for this upcoming trip of a lifetime.

We arrive in Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and will be doing a day hike. Followed by visiting our guides village; Chaga, orphanages and a school in the area. Looking forward to “giving” as we have been packing a bag of giveaways & some sweet treats as well.

This will be a highlight of the trip for me. As when we visited Cambodia I was forever changed. The feeling of “giving” is the highest high of happiness you will ever feel in a lifetime-Your heart is full of joy and so content.

Then off to the Serengeti with Siad our guide for the entire time we are there. A mix of tented camps and lodges while we make our way through.

We will visit the Massi Tribe and my husband Rob is looking forward to hunting one morning with the “Bushmen Tribe” -They only speak in “click” so that will make for a interesting time for him.

I’m looking forward the setting sail in the sky over the Serengeti in the hot air balloon. Take off is bright and early; 5am just my style, but I’m hoping with the time difference my body adjusts right away.

After several days and hoping many animal sightings to fill us of what we have been day dreaming of for almost a year…we take a puddle jumper to Chumbe Island.

This is rated one of the top ECO lodges in the world. Only 14 guests can visit at a time. The entire time it will be “living off the land” -ECO. the most untouched coral is found in the Indian Ocean and this will be our second time being graced with its presence.

We are so thankful we have traveled to the Similian Islands just about 3 years ago and -WOW! it was truly unbelievable and I have a feeling it may have that same aha moment.

This will be another highlight in store for me as i’m looking forward to picking up culinary tips from the local chef that will be making all our meals off the land. This is so inspiring to me and truly a passion. local-cusine. The new upcoming, which may fall into as some; a trendy new way to eat is called “locavore”

This may bring back to the table and eating more real home cooked meals. Anything thing to encourage this in my eyes is only good.

Following this Robinson Crusoe experience will be traveling on to “Spice Island” (Zanzibar) -Now the third big thrill for me; Passion for Spice Markets alone have me over-stimulated with joy!

My love, my passion; taking in the aromas, the culture, the friendly faces so far from home and all in the moment how it will be adding to my soul… I can’t stray from what I love so I go in for more… tasting unheard fruits, cuisines and all in the moment with unknown sounds, sights and smells-I crave this in life and looking forward to sharing it with my husband, our friends that are joining us.

I will be posting updates for our family, friends & bloggers with the same interest/passions to follow along in this journey with us!

One of my favorite artists/writers says it so well- “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world” -Maryanne Hershey Radmacher

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