Weekend Getaway with the family

With our big adventure just around the corner… we were invited for some quality time with the family exploring on Camano Island 

Not knowing what to expect is always something that spikes my interest. We have never been there before and knew we were in for good-times with the family.

With the feeling of excitement knowing we would have long walks, lots of laughter, breaking out the dice “LRC” and many, many card games fills me with non-stop joy just thinking of it.

My boys knowing they were going to fish daily with Poppi had them counting the days until we went.
Poppi took them not just daily but twice daily. They were loving every moment!

I wish I had captured the “seal” that never left the waters where we stayed. He was in heaven as hundreds of fish jumped non stop as soon as it hit evening.

Jaden made a new friend “Coop” the dog. He was adorable golden retriever. He would stand in the water for hours. Finally we met his owner and she shared he was waiting for someone, anyone to throw a tennis-ball.
It also had Coco and her partner in crime; Rue in such a uproar. Rue even went for a dip trying to scare him off. Coop did not give him the time of day nor did her make eye contact with the “yappers”.
Looking for agates on the long strip of untouched beach and taking in such beauty of unique shapes of driftwood was my favorite. Leaves were falling off the big trees and full of vibrant changing colors of fall.

The Beach House
Love nature and all it’s perfections 

        Fall is in the air..
                     Happy boy enjoying his new found love… 

                           Found a swing in the middle of the untouched beach 

          Coco in Camano 

   New found friend “Coop”