Less than a week…

As we prepare for this unknown adventure that awaits…I can’t help think and feel so many different things.

I know emotions will run high with missing my three children; Macey, Jaden & Bren.
They will be in great hands with a very close friend for a few days and then my mom and one of their favorites; “Poppi.”
Poppi will keep our dog Coco very happy as well with her partner in crime; Rue.

My daughter is fully inthralled back at college. It was great to see her a few weekends ago for a quick visit before we leave.
Her independence helps us know she will continue to thrive in her studies and her endless dedication.
With this I know we will miss her, but not have to worry.

I know this time away for us will enrich our minds on the world and also our daily lifestyle.
Our boys will also be growing in their independence.
Time with the grandparents and cherishing some of these incredible upcoming memories for the rest of their lives.

I can share when I was their age I loved my time with my grandparents.
Especially, Grandma Neva!
We did a road trip in her Chrysler to Idaho to visit relatives. As it was a great time visiting what sticks with me most is the quality time with her and my late Grandpa Rex. I cherish this memory like it was yesterday.

We decided to get the bag packed for the orphanage & school tonight.
We have a very kind friend that donated a box of needs and also fun stuff for the kids.
We purchased with our friends that are going with us; 50 color books, 50 packs of crayons, and 200 pack of stickers.

We also want to treat our guide, Siad that will be taking care of us through most of this journey.
He has always wanted a Manchester Jersey so of course we had to pick that up for him.
Also, he has a 14 month old son and a wife.
His son is getting several outfits, shoes and of course a fun learning toy.
His wife has a few treasures as well.

We will also when we arrive will purchase rice & oil for the Chaga village in Mt Kilimanjaro and the orphanage.

We also are packed except we need to “cull” down the line. This is “buyer language” from back in the day when we detailed too many shoes to fit in our OTB (Open to buy).
Time to cut some pieces!

If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.


                               Gifts for Siad and family              
Need to “cull” down the line-(Buyer Langauge)
Gifts for the school & orphanage

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