Iraqw Tribe Visit

Our morning started with Siad taking us to the Iraqw Tribe.
Paulo Sulle was our guide for the day. He is part of this tribe and also lives in one of the villages.
He took us to one of his villages where we met a beautiful family, sat in the home & we were explained their culture.
Once married you take on the mans first name. For instance “Mama Rob” would be my name here.
We were also shown how to make polenta flour using a stone & large rock. Liz & I tried our best but I truly would love to send her a blender as it is not easy work to say the least.
We shared gifts with the family.
We went to Paulo’s home next. We were greeted by his children & wife. We were shown the kitchen where the girls were cooking beans & porridge.
Liz and I were dressed in a large wrap with African print & brought back in the entertaining room where the men were all sitting.
Mama Paulle also wrapped our hair in a turban like she wore.
In their culture a women and or girl has to be invited in there by the man.
They shared we would be doing a dancing & music before heading to church.
We all had the opportunity to join in and it was a very happy moment for all.
Siad our guide did as well.
Along the way we stopped and showed us the young children making bricks and the process.
All the homes are made out of this red brick. The homes amongst all the tribe we have visited have one thing in common. Small minimalist space in each of them.
As we were pulling up to the church we could hear the singing.
A few children sat outside at the entrance. A little girl maybe 1 yrs of age was dancing to the music.
We were welcomed with open arms.
We were also brought to the front and introduced.
As we shared where we were from and how many children we each had…. My favorite moment right then as they did not ask us “what do you do?” Or “what is your career?”
This did not matter at all to them. It did not change their views at all.
What was a overall spiritual experience for me….our time visiting & learning about their tribe/culture.
They are all about family & community and really could feel the love they had for the lives they live.
It was a absolutely amazing experience and so thankful Siad shared it with us.






















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