Ngrorangrora Crater

What a spectacular site to see!
Surrounded by breathtaking beauty. The Crater is so serene on every turn. Limitless offerings of nature and you are so fascinated in that exact moment.
The colors, trees, sun hitting different as we go further. Just the thought of what I saw takes me to a peaceful place. Calming is a understatement. All Mother Nature did to this place of awe… Has me so thankful.
Animals I feel have found a very happy place to live.
Zebra, giraffe, elephants, gazelle, wildebeest, baboons.
As luck was on our side…hippos galore! We also witnessed two adult hippos & baby get out of the water in trek over to another spot. As our guide shared it was a rare moment to witness.
My husband really wanted to witness a kill. Not on the rest of our agendas. He was able to have second best. Lions mating with the other male waiting in the wings.
It’s rare to see male lions and even more rare to see them mating. Interesting enough it could last up to a week and 675 times.
This interesting fact I had to share as it is really remarkable.
As we arrived at our lodge sitting at the top of the crater we had a sensational sunset awaiting and enjoyed their signature cocktail while we all were reminiscing over another fascinating day we all shared together!















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