Thousand feet over the Tarangire National Park

As we our greeted at our bungalows at 4:45am by Masai to walk us to the lobby for pick up… We all are finally feeling the culture of Tanzania.
Our guide that is picking us up had a stop prior to ours about 45 minutes away.
As we venture in to the safari vehicle a friendly face appears. To much of a surprise it is a gal we met on our flight Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro.
Her husband stayed behind as he has a fear of heights we could not be more excited to take on this adventure with her.
It is so common of us when we meet & chat with a stranger… “Maybe we will see each other again?”
Well, I truly believe we were meant to cross paths again.
We arrive about 45 minutes later and we are all amazed by the size of the balloon. It is gigantic.
We meet our pilot Moses & his better half Amanda. His hot air balloon company is Aloft Adventures.
He has been a pilot for 18 years and what passion he has for his career.
I was in that moment as we launched into the sky in awe and filled with so many emotions.
The sunrise, being with great friends and being with a pilot full of adventure I knew we would have the times of our lives.
As the saying “walking on clouds” comes to mind it was so smooth, serene & peaceful all in that moment.
We could all say it was beyond what each of us dreamed.
Doing a balloon ride over the Tarangire is new to the area. Most our done in Serengeti.
As Moses swept us all away in his passion he took us on the “ride of our lives”
We saw unlimited wildlife and at one point we dropped low & we were charged by a Cape buffalo. He sure had a temper.
We learned when landing in a hot air balloon it is never planned & lucky for us we ended up having a extended ride because of it.
Following our unbelievable adventure Moses took us on we were taken to a beautiful brunch over looking a river in the middle of Tarangire.
Elephants were in the serene setting as we sipped mimosa’s, enjoyed crepes and shared many stories with our new friends Roshelle & her husband Alan met up with us.
Roshelle & Alan live in New York City. As we all share passion for that city it was endless conversation that could of lasted the entire day.
As the show must go on we said our goodbyes to our new friends & off for safari with Siad.
Baboons, giraffe, elephants and lets just say unlimited amounts of zebra & antelope we were surround by.
Lets just say we have all agreed we have seen enough zebra to last a lifetime.
Our guide Siad was overjoyed to spot a cheetah with her cub.
She was protecting her baby underneath a beautiful african tree.













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