Walking trek with Comando

After a wonderful night sleep. We all awoke to the brightest red orange sunrise. It was what Liz had been dreaming of.
It was better in person but I was so happy to capture it on film.
As we sat in the hillside on our balcony overlooking the valley… We enjoyed the serene setting that had us all relaxed.
After breakfast we were off on our trek.
We were told we would be seeing snake tracks, footprints, insects & birds.
Luck seems to be on our side. We were not to far from a male elephant, zebras and a male ostrich.
We learned a lot about the termite hills which Greg & I are fascinated by. We also saw a “spider hole” which was new to all of us.
We asked to go trekking longer than planned as we were all loving it.
Greg & I collected amazing clear stones/rocks for the boys.
We know they will love these treasures created by nature.
This was a spectacular thing to do and it was beyond our expectations once again.










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