Thankful for family & great friends!

Missing the boys; Jaden & Bren, our daughter Macey, my parents, Robs parents, and all our extended family.

As we all live such busy day to day lives… it is times like this when you can appreciate all your time with them.

We have learned, loved, appreciated, and seen a lot of the unknown land we were so curious about.
Giving a 70 lb bag of necessities away to these kind souls was a highlight, but in that very moment when my husband Rob gave them a “real ball” will be forever a moment that just the thought brings tears of joy.
As we donated money to help many of the villages/tribes we visited. Knowing it will help make a difference in there lives will be a feeling I will hold tight. As the joy twinkling in their eyes and smiles grinning ear to ear. It was so meaningful to all.

We have met some truly fascinating people. Even just a kind gesture as a smile has meant the world to me.

As we will begin our journey home… I have been thinking throughout the day how grateful we are for being able to take this journey which was once only a dream.
For my parents for taking care of our boys. For our very giving daughter to take time out of her busy schedule; full time plus classes at college, two jobs and her her groups she belongs to. She may have only helped out a weekend but I can bet her grandma & poppi were so pleased.

Dreaming of… Giving everyone so many kisses & endless hugs!
The smell of fall in the NW air. The view from my kitchen window of storms rolling in and every so often a bright bold sunset.
Getting back to work and on routine with the family.
Missing my “work friends” that have become very good friends. That I talked to weekly.
All my girlfriends! Especially my girlfriend that I meet up for our early morning walks.
Home cooked meals & dinner nightly with my family…this is something I value so much in our life.
Knowing this dream will be reality soon enough has me feeling joy & excitement.

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  1. raisa ress says:

    Awww! What a wonderful post! ❤ it's amazing how we can travel the world, but nothing is as sweet as the journey back home to family & friends and our daily rituals. I am so proud of this friendship, beyond what words can express, Tina. You are kind and generous soul. Have a safe trip back home all of you. XOXO

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