Central Serengeti Hiccup

As we had a hiccup with our “tented camps” scheduled to stay at…
Everything happens for a reason.
We had just finished our Central Serengeti drive & started heading to the camp. Rain began to fall & the sky was turning darker.
We arrived and it was nothing what we expected. We still went forward, but once the host shared what creatures could enter our tents and once we arrived in them in a instant we gathered for a meeting.
We told Siad he had to get us out of there. Knowing he is not big on driving at night or in the dark he could feel our fear, well three of us minus husband.
(So he says)
We did witness a male bull elephant & hyena walking along side of us; myself Greg & Liz.
Rob & Siad were up in the welcoming area and witnessed it all. We were clueless which was probably a good thing. Not sure what Liz & I would have done knowing this. Greg was a bit shocked but his time watching National Geographic has him knowing what and not what do in these situations.
As we packed up under the dark skies & sprinkles of raindrops falling…we could not be more pleased to be going somewhere safe.
It was pitch black and winding through the narrow dirt roads with all the nocturnal animals out we were still a little unsure, but we know it was our only choice.
Siad was honest & knew he was a bit unsure how to get to the lodge. Thank goodness Liz was able to work her compass for Siad to make sure we were heading north.
It took almost a hour.
Funny thing is when we ask how long to get anywhere, Siad says “one hour”
We arrived at the lodge. We all have taken the glass is half full and it will work for a good night sleep; so I thought.
We had dinner then headed to our rooms. They had wood ceilings & floors, two twin beds and really tiny.
Rob & turned out the lights and all we could hear is a ton of scratching. My heart was racing!
Rob was convinced it was rats in the ceiling and assured me they could not get in. I was in disbelief.
I called the front desk.
They sent a gal up and she said not to worry just bats!
I barely slept and kept the light on until the hotel shut the entire power off from midnight to 5am.
This is very common everywhere we have been solar or not.

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