In route to Chumbe Island!

As we landed from the Serengeti. About a 45 minute flight. The plane was full of turbulence and I uneasy about the flight.
We had to wait a few hours (delayed) to catch the next one into Zanzibar.
A very big highlight and made my day so bright is running into our new found friends from NYC! (The first New Yorkers we met from the plane from Amsterdam into Kilimanjaro)
I was ecstatic! I ran to hug familiar faces and was really speechless. I could not believe my eyes… I was sad we only had a few minutes with them, but I cherished them more than they will ever know.
I have thought about them daily and hoped they were getting what they expected out of this trip. No words had to be shared to let me know this.
The expressions from their faces said it all. Glowing to the extreme!
I was so happy in that moment for them us running seeing them.
As we boarded the very small plane to Zanzibar. Smaller than the last. It was a much smoother ride.
Finally arrived!
We had a driver waiting to transfer us to the boat ride to the Island.
As we hopped into the small boat we were told it is about 30-45 minutes.
Well, that came and went and here comes the choppy waters. Seemed to be getting worse as we go further.
Over an hour & half we finally arrive at Chumbe Island!
Before getting off the boat I think we all were loving the feeling of being in such a simply beautiful setting. No dirt only sand, sun but bright blue water to cool us off. Rustic, Eco but untouched beauty drawing us in…
Everything I imagined & so much more!













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