As we left the lodge looking over the crater we were all ready to embark on the Serengeti.
The dirt roads, non stop bumpy roads, twist & turns & the dust that we had almost become accustom to continued.
Zebras are everywhere and nor were they lacking among the unknown land we kept venturing through.
As the long game drives never seemed tiring with a safari truck full of so many personalities.
We also all have become very close with Siad. He has become a friend to each of us and had been our family through this entire experience.
We laughed, we bonded, we all gained so much out of each day.
Our tag line “this was the best day” each day had a favorite for each of us and knowing we all were experiencing this for the first time was even better.
We stopped at the crossing leaving Ngrorangrora entering Serengeti. Siad had to go in and take care of some paperwork.
He did not warn us of the aggressive baboons and all of the sudden one jumped on the front of our vehicle.
Liz was in the front but handled it quite well.
The Central Serengeti is very dry grasses. Dust continues to be at a high and the land seemed so large and looking in every direction you could go hundreds of miles.
The landscape our eyes were seeing seeming so different from where we had been.
Lots & lots of elephants, gazelle, baboons of course, and our first time seeing a hyena. They are even scarier in person.
The pictures can grasp the feel of what we saw this day…














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