Nungwi nights; toes in the sand, sensational sunsets & delightful fresh grilling

Venturing around with husband we discovered a small quaint restaurant on the beach. It has a new daily menu depending on all the fresh catches that day. Finally a properly blended drink; slushy & strong! Along with viewing all the fresh catches… He would even share what time they were caught that day. The grill was full of charcoal and the coals were at the perfect medium high heat. I was astounded by the colorful array of lobsters. As my curiosity had me wondering I had to ask if the flavors were the same. Yoseph shared the texture was exact but flavors we defiantly different. I wanted to do a tasting of all of them but he shared the red snapper is full of flavor, melts in your mouth and his favorite. I had it and could not agree more. It was my best meal of the entire journey. He served it with steak fries, cucumber salad & rice. The snapper was slightly seasoned and grilled to perfection. As Yoseph the chef and owner was so welcoming by day two he asked where we we like our table set. It is all “toes in the sand style” and a must to be there at sunset. Nightly we were surrounded by acrobats putting on a show and making instruments sounds with there own voices. The only regret is we wish we discovered this place the first night we arrived. We met and had dinner with Simba a Masai from the beach. He was selling things and was so kind to ask Yoseph before approaching us. It was great to learn many things from him we were in wonder about after visiting the tribe. He is from Ngorangora Crater and is back and forth every few months. The night prior (late afternoon) we had ran into a couple I took a photo of at The Rock Restaurant. With it being two hours away and they were just staying a night in Nungwi it was meant to be to see them again. At that moment I thought of Alan & Roshelle. Running into them in Africa three times….really what our the odds this was happening again? We were more than pleased with travelers that share the same interest. We learn, bond and so thankful for new found friendships. 20121021-015924.jpg 20121021-015942.jpg 20121021-020003.jpg 20121021-020038.jpg 20121021-020420.jpg 20121021-020502.jpg 20121021-020531.jpg 20121021-020614.jpg 20121021-020635.jpg 20121021-020704.jpg 20121021-020745.jpg 20121021-020758.jpg 20121021-020811.jpg 20121021-020829.jpg 20121021-020858.jpg 20121021-020932.jpg 20121021-020949.jpg

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  1. raisa ress says:

    wow…what a great find! Sounds like our exact kind of place, Tina! Fresh fish and sand in our toes type of ambiance. Such colorful lobsters!

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