Giving and helping our community in need

My three beautiful children…Giving back to our community in need-this year more than ever. It will be the biggest year in history for helping feed the less fortunate, homeless & families in true dire need.
We fed just shy over 300 just last evening. Macey started the line with rice and I followed with beans, Jaden was on the warm veggies as Bren followed up with cornbread. Rob my husband was on desserts and assisted in helping Bren when needed.
Us after working on the line. We offered to stay and clean up. At this time volunteers are graciously thanked for the time they have given. We insisted on helping in the clean-up duties. It was so helpful overall to The Rescue Mission. As we gave our time they gave us much more… the feeling of helping, giving and being in that moment is so hard to express in words. Joy, love and most of all unconditional happiness that touches you like nothing else ever will.
We all our excited to continue to do what we can throughout the year to help.
This was such a gift and all shared with the most important people in my life.
I mentor and admire my children for the kindness, compassion and giving souls they are turning out to be.
I feel it wholeheartedly and hope others will as well.

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  1. Reblogged this on hopeindustries2012 and commented:
    Wonderful team,. Keep it up guys

  2. beyondblyss says:

    Thank you for the re-post and also taking the time to leave a kind comment. My family and I will continue to give back and volunteer.

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