Winter Wonderland

The decorating begins with
“Elf the Movie” playing in the background. It is by far our favorite of the season! We follow it up with “The Holiday” absolutely love this movie.
Then my love for Christmas Music is a must to play all season.

As we entrenched ourselves in decorating… It is the love for our German glitter stars that fill the ceiling. Our friends & families reaction is always “It’s a winter wonderland in here”
I love real mistletoe toe-My son Bren’s gets such a kick out of it. Trying to avoid it the best he can.
I love his reaction all season long.










As we always visit Santa each year. Another tradition is to frame each photo of the kids with him.
This is my absolute favorite one. Of course at that time is wasn’t, however we all (even the boys) get such a laugh out of it now.


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