Let’s Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

I’m very blessed with a wonderful group of girlfriends.
We have all decided to start a group/gathering; inspire, learn, and of course a healthy dose of girl-time.

We plan to get together every eight weeks or so… Every gathering will have a theme; cooking, crafting, gardening, a special guest and much more….I thought it best to have a “soft launch” with a holiday dinner.
Of course not everyone could make this work, however the majority of the girls could.
-Ringing in some holiday cheer, homemade eats and discuss topics/themes for upcoming gatherings.

There is not much I have more passion for than entertaining and creating culinary bites that take your taste buds to the ultimate experience.
I wanted every detail original and authentic. I wanted these special moments to be memories when each of them thought back on them they would always have a big smile and possibly a twinkle in their eye.
As one of my girlfriends always says; “I could just sit on your bench in your kitchen and watch you create.”
This gives me goosebumps! This is such an honor and a huge compliment.
This is when I’m at one of the highest highs.
Like an artist painting on a blank canvas.
For me it fills me with so much joy and endless happiness.

I do not fear much for trying new creations in my kitchen.
My rule of thumb: research several recipes. Mainly I will start with my favorite chefs/mentors. Then I move on to top blogs that I love and admire. I usually will compare the top ones. Always “real ingredients” are the one that make the cut.
A recipe is a guideline to me, nothing more.
Yes, on baking the first time through I will follow precisely. And always at that moment I will think of my grandma Neva. What a baker she was and I hope she knows then and in this present moments, I think the world of her. My sister-in-law too. She is high on the pedestal with my grandmother.
Thankful they both have added so much to my life. In the kitchen and beyond…


Hand rolled pasta for pumpkin ravioli’s. I had a birthday gift card from my parents and was ecstatic to finally buy one of these from “mommy’s toy store” William Sonoma. My boys know this well and laugh, giggle & smirk when I say “let’s go to mommy’s toy store.”



My love for creating dessert bars…
My sister-in-law had such a great idea on making “Cranberry Bliss Bars” perfect flavor to go with the menu.
As dessert bar is plural I thought what better than Crème Brûlée to bring the entire menu together.
I made an infused vanilla bean brûlée . It is just a few extra steps and one the ladies would be sure to remember.







Godiva Liquor, Baileys & Coffee had us all feeling the magic of the season-
A special treat!





NW Sunset was gracing our holiday dinner party today. After a week of windstorms, gloomy, grey and many rain showers. It was such a bright, beautiful touch to a special evening.

Homemade bread- Rosemary & Plain. A must to use a recipe from an amazing Italian chef that I had the honor to be tight his caramelized garlic dipping sauce.
It is a favorite amongst my family, friends and anyone who tries it




And our celebrations were in full swing. Dinner with a few photos below. Thank you Deb for reminding me to take them.
Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown Butter Fresh Sage Sauce, caramelized ginger spicy French green beans and I almost forgot to share a salad I made from one I had a few weeks prior in LA.
My dear friend Jonesy and I were in love with its flavors and I was determined to reinvent a replica. The flavors were so in depth of the season: cinnamon, pomegranate, butternut & quinoa.









Fresh Cranberry Bellini

Cheers to these lovely ladies that bring me unconditional joy. They all add so much to my life. I adore each of them in different ways. I admire and learn from them as parents. They all have such wonderful children. Thankful we all share the same strong morals & values. This is our link that will always connect us. They are all individually authentic in what they bring to a friendship. I feel it is endless and that will always continue to blossom.

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