Merry moments in the midst of this magical season

As I love the feeling I get when I think of us all together as a family. We had known in the summer that my daughter was planning not to return home right after finals as previous years.
I bought tickets to the Musical Elf the day it came out (summertime). I knew to buy them closest to Christmas so she could attend with us. A annual family outing.
When she was not sure she would be home in time it made me so sad. I had been looking forward to our Seattle outing for so many months.
She was waiting for her work schedule to know exactly.
We did have a great back up idea just in case. My niece Heather loves Elf just as much as we do and knew she would love to join us.
Well, it all worked and she arrived home on Friday the 21st.
Shortly after my dinner party with the girls.

We started off waiting to see Santa at downtown Seattle Nordstrom.
Bren was not thrilled with the wait to say the least.

We were finally inside Santa Lane and up next.

Well, Santa likes to spend time with each child. Bren had too many questions and wondered why he had not received his letter he sent a month ago. Santa was caught off guard but took it all in good spirit.

Off to Vons for a bite.
Jaden & Bren absolutely love the burgers. Helps they are served in foil swans. Kids & adults…they do not discriminate.
They have been in business since 1904. I have been going here for years. I love it is not a chain and is very consistent and serve real food.
Sad they are moving, however we will still support them and go to the new location.


Off to Elf the Musical…20121227-215742.jpg

The orchestra were handing out candy canes

Buddy the Elf!
This was pure joy for all three kids.

Macey was disappointed Buddy was with his girlfriend as we strolled down 5th after the play.20121227-220903.jpg20121227-220936.jpg

We had such a wonderful day and evening together.
As we discussed the play on our way home. We were a small bit disappointed with very few elf isms. We all have been to many plays and know that it is never exactly the same. We all just expected a little more for the overall performance.
We still had such a wonderful time and in awe. We decided to all jump in our Pajamas, made some cocoa and snuggled up on the couch together.

More merry moments… We had a holiday dinner party at my parents Sunday evening. I was so excited to see my niece Larenda that we had not seen since summertime.
I made more Pumpkin Ravioli’s and homemade bread.
It was a nice complement to the Prime Rib and wonderful side garlic purple potatoes & butternut risotto.
As I wish I would have captured more photos. The time spent together, catching up, sharing stories and just taking it all in.
It was such a fantastic time surrounded with fabulous family and a marvelous meal.
Thankful my mom sent over a few she took at the table. I only took one of my niece and Macey.20121228-150428.jpg20121228-150459.jpg

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