The bug has hit our home-helpful tips fighting the flu & cold season

As the cold and flu has been making its way through our home. I knock on wood and thank my lucky stars I have fought off the germs and viruses.
Surrounded by several strains of the flu, colds and even viral pneumonia.
My poor husband has been sick since Mid December and progressively turned into pneumonia.
On top of it he had the flu.
He was working non stop and never recovered from the initial cold.
He thankfully is on the mends along with my two young boys. They had minor flu and battling colds.









I was so worried with being so sick when we returned from Africa a few months ago. I spent time in the hospital twice, many doctor visits and knew with not being able to eat properly for almost month my immune system was in need of rebuilding.
On top of that I have been on many planes lately and surrounded by so many sneezes, coughs and germs galore.
I have bern resting more than usual as the importance for the body to not go into full swing.
I’m adamant about drinking Kombucha when I wake every morning. Filled with probiotics and billions of microorganisms this helped tremendously in fighting any germs/viruses I did take in.

As I research natural ways to stay healthy and build my immune system (now more than ever) my interest of learning more intensifies.

Washing your hands as easy as it sounds is the utmost of importance for not passing germs.

Food you eat is at the top of the list from my research.
Following a plant based diet especially during these winter months is so important.
Too many unhealthy refined ingredients and additives weigh down your body.

White cane sugar and fructose are highly addictive. They suppress the immune system.
Remove these from your diet. if needed the best alternative and a good way to reset your palette is small doses of honey.
Minimize dairy products:
It is linked to chronic ear and sinus infections, digestive system and heartburn.

Gluten and so many mixed messages about it. Never follow a gluten free diet without consulting your physician. This is number one.
What I have learned and is pretty easy to understand wheat protein is very hard for bodies to digest properly.
Reducing intake overall will make you feel better in you can tolerate it or not.

Drinking Alcohol:
It enters the bloodstream and heads straight to the liver. This is where harmful free radicals are generated and metabolize.

If you can minimize these even for a month, season or overall it will help build immunity and fight influenza, colds and disease.

We all have been eating endless citrus


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