Celebrations bring me joy!


My girlfriend was celebrating her birthday this past week. Yes, I feel she is a princess so having a tiara was a must!
This quote was even more perfect. It is from “Kate Spade”
Her husband and youngest son also had birthdays recently.
It was a perfect time to celebrate “The Brubaker’s”

Trying to have some “favorite things” I know Kristin loves pizza & brownies. Her husband Eric loves lemon.
My sister in law for my birthday made me the most delicious lemons bars.
She is one of the most amazing bakers I know. Instantly had to get in touch with her for the recipe.
This was the beginning of the menu…

I wanted to toast to her special day once they arrived.
We did a sparkling apple cider for the kids. Adults had Prosecco. Ella, Kristin’s daughter helped pour the cider for the kids. We added a blackberry in each for a garnish.
I love this special moment captured on film. The kids loved sharing in the toast.20130212-191935.jpg20130212-191952.jpg20130212-192035.jpg

My heart dances when we gather at the table. I feel it is one of the most important values to share with your children.
I love this daily with my family. I always look forward to making it extra special for friends & family.
Bren & Gavin are great friends.
They both were truly enjoying the celebrations!

Homemade Pizza
Grass Fed, all natural sausage from our butcher & sautéed mushroom
Slow roasted tomato, fresh mozzarella & fresh basil
All with homemade marinara

Caesar Salad
This is a staple of ours. I can’t believe I had never made it for the birthday girl before.
She loved it!
Homemade dressing takes it to the next level20130212-201358.jpg

“Time to sing to the special three”

Dessert Bar
Lemon Bars with shortbread crust
Homemade Brownies with crème swirl
Vanilla Ice Cream








what magical memories to cherish