My love for chevron; my passion for creating


As I was given these chairs by my mom. They have been in our family for years. She knew I had to give them some love and a makeover. She was just fine with that.
What I loved most about these chairs was the real brass wrapped on the very edge of the legs.
Touches of brass are coming back and better than ever.

I’m slightly obsessed with chevron. I was already in the works of making a large frame for my sons wall with a chevron print to place wrapped around a chalkboard for him.

Everything was coming together! My son Jaden needed a chair for his desk. With his room being very small I was quite surprised both chairs fit perfectly.





I’m still in complete awe how well it turned out.
The upholstery fabric is waverly.
My husband was kind enough to put it on an make sure the print matched perfectly.
I used TSP on the high lacquer to dull it. I used black paint I happened to have on hand (interior latex). It took no time at all.

I sent a photo to my mom right away. I could not wait to show her. I received a very kind message from her and my step-dad right away. They were both amazed.

I have a fabulous girlfriend that really should be an interior designer. It is her absolute passion and always up on the latest trends.
I sent her this as a teaser:


She was coming over for our girls culinary & crafting the following day. I had her wondering and very curious. I knew she would appreciate seeing in person. Also I wanted to share in detail the story behind them.


My husband built this frame for me


So the challenge begun to find a chevron stencil large enough to look fabulous. It was not happening. I had been to every craft store in town and on line. I finally decided to make my own out of cardboard.
Bring on the blue tape and of course lots of patience.



There is a trick to make sure the colors do not bleed and a very crisp line
After you complete the taping off. You go over the edges with the first color used. For me it was white. Making sure you cover the blue edges where you are painting the second color.



I could not be more happier for how everything turned out. My son Jaden loved it and so excited to have such an oversized chalkboard. His passion is drawing. He is very talented. His grandma is so thrilled. She is an amazing artist and I feel Jaden could be following in her footsteps.