Dunga Brook Diary: A Year of Seeing Differently, is Whicker’s first iPhoneography

I had to share my girlfriend Vicki’s upcoming Art Show at Cherry Branch Gallery.
She lives in central New York.
She bought her farm house sight-unseen.
You can follow her journey leaving Southern California- The Palisades to be exact.
Really such an incredible blog.

Our paths have crossed through our careers. She was a shoe designer/product manager.
We will always be in each others lives. Our bond is strong no matter how far apart we may live from one another.

Her photography is unbelievable. All captured through her iPhone.
Her level of talent is admired by many.
She has me in awe and inspires me with willingness to take a leap into the unknown.
It is a MUST to look at her work, photos, writing & be in awe like I’m with her authenticity of everything she does in her life.

Here is what I shared to her.
Her blog is also below

Vicki inspires me with her photography & writing. It is truly an honor to know someone at this level of talent.
She has had an impact on me when I go to capture a photo.
I think of how she would look through the lens (iPhone). Her thoughts at that very moment; angle, lighting, focus. All on her iPhone- Creating the most incredible images I have ever seen.
The emotions, feelings & passion are all felt with depth in each photo.
It is a rare to find someone at this level of artistry.
I’m so honored and beyond grateful to call her my friend.

I love you to pieces & I wish I could be there

Link to her blog
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