Spring break-begins with Legoland

Before even reaching our destination the boys were on cloud nine.
They were invited up to meet the pilots. They were ecstatic!
Alaska Airlines always goes above & beyond with customer service.
They had remembered back when we went to Hawaii and they had been invited up then as well.
It is truly a highlight they will always remember.


Beechers is known for making handmade cheese and is one of my favorites. They are located in Pike Place Market in Seattle. The second location is in New York-Flat Iron District.
They opened up at the Seattle Airport and what a special treat it is.
The flagship sandwich is the most delicious. “Dinner was delicious”-quote from my youngest son Bren.

Day one… Legoland


This Volvo was made all out of Legos.

Behind the boys was different states all made out of Legos. It was fascinating!
The boys were so excited to share how long they thought it took to build every display.

After school they are involved in a program “bricks for kids”
This has actually taught them a lot. It has added creativity to their building at home of Legos.
They are very excited to share all the pictures they both took with their friends and also the bricks for kids students.




They love Star Wars and when they first spotted this they both were full of such excitement.
Bren had taken over on our little point & shoot camera so he was missed in a few of my photos. He would get ahead with Rob to capture it on film.



They had an entire area dedicated to “pirates”
I thought of my girlfriend Tricia’s son Landon. He loves pirates and even had a pirate party for one of his birthday parties.
The boys went on this ride. A lot of the other ones in this area were water rides. People were soaked entirely. We decided to skip these as we were still going to the aquarium afterwards.



Yes, all out of Legos – the count of pieces were in ranges of 100,00-850,00 depending on what is was.
Mount Rushmore, The White House to Legowood were just a few fascinating displays.

The boys were in complete awe with going to Legoland.

Our adventures continue with more to follow soon…