Spring Break: San Diego Zoo


We have been to many zoos all over the country. San Diego is definitely one of our favorites.
They have added even more exhibits. If you plan on going I would give yourself a full day. We walked the entire zoo. It was a perfect day: sunny, 70 and not too crowded.
If you are pressed for time they have several different bus tours you could do too.

The panda exhibit was our favorite. This is the momma and her baby was high up in a tree sleeping. Adorable!
I could not capture on my IPhone, but I did with my Nikon. Excited to upload when we return home.




Ice cream breaks are a must for the boys.
Bren shares California has the best ice cream. I just love it.
The zoo has a very large area dedicated to Africa. Especially the eastern part. I did not capture those as I think I may have over a thousand zebras pictures from when we were there last fall.
It was wonderful for the boys to see. We shared many animal stories as it took us back to those moments.


Bren & Jaden kept finding all the wild lizards. Bren almost caught this one.




We ended our day at the pool at our resort. The picture above is the boys bombing the seagulls. The seagulls were surrounding the pool area as a lot of families had ordered dinner and would leave their food to dip back in the pool.
They were having a fabulous time.

More spring break journeys to follow soon…