Celebrating Our Daughter: College Graduation and Birthday

We had the honor of celebrating my daughter Macey a few weekends ago. It was her birthday and directly following the next morning her commencement at Washington State University.

As we headed over in the morning. We decided to stop in Ellensburg.
My mom researched and just knew this place for lunch would be right up my alley.






The Yellow Church Cafe is definitely worth a visit. Homemade bread, to homemade dessert. No processed, all made by scratch -nothing better than real food.
We can’t wait to go back-The atmosphere, energy to the homemade eats….what a delight!

I’m a very strong food critic. I do not care for chain restaurants, the over-processed or buttered/oiled meals in higher end restaurants either.

It always makes me wonder when I see reviews on medium to high-end or chain restaurants- raving this or that. Thinking do they really know how it was prepared or where it came from…?

This is such a importance to me. Also once you have experience real, no processed, meats that are steroid and antibiotic free…you can taste the difference and there is no going back for me.





We thoroughly enjoyed the scenery on our drive over.

Time to celebrate The Birthday Girl



Strawberry Cake is a birthday tradition since I was a little girl. It has continued and my children request it most years.
I have changed it a bit. I use fresh vanilla bean whipping cream frosting.
It adds a lighter touch during spring & summer birthdays.






We had to order Prosecco to cheers to her birthday. We also did a toast to success. Her last semester consists of working two jobs, several clubs, and taking 20 credits. She never ceases to amaze me! She just received her final grades and they were stellar.







Bright and early…. We had to be at the commencement by 7:30 am
After a late evening of celebrations we were all a bit tired. After husband ran picked up Starbucks we were ready to go.
Full of emotions; excitement, joy, happiness, very anxious and overwhelmed with honor for what our daughter has accomplished.
Reminiscing over the last few years and what the “college experience” has added to her life.
She has become very independent, adventurous, outgoing is an understatement.
New friends she has met are truly life long friends.
They have added to her life in so many ways already.

Bring on the Commencement Ceremony!

DSC_9618 DSC_9620 DSC_9625 DSC_9628 DSC_9601 DSC_9603 DSC_9604 DSC_9605 DSC_9612 DSC_9617IMG_9539

Her grandparents; Grandma Susan & Poppi drove over from University Place Washington with us. Her Grandpa Bob & Karen drove over bright and early from Spokane. In Grandma Susan’s words exactly “I would not miss it for the world!” We were thrilled to share this milestone with our parents. Macey was very honored with the grandparents wanting to be apart of this special day.

IMG_9625 IMG_9623 IMG_9622 DSC_9668 DSC_9671 IMG_9621 IMG_9619 IMG_9620 DSC_9685 IMG_9618 IMG_9616 IMG_9615 IMG_9614 IMG_9613 IMG_9612 IMG_9611 IMG_9610 IMG_9572 - Version 2 IMG_9607 DSC_9742 IMG_9605After a lunch we went back to Macey’s place and grabbed her girlfriend Brynnea. She and Macey live next to each other in the middle of Greek Row.-Prime location the girls share.  We walked across the way and captured the moment! The girls were over the moon. Glowing with joy…Full of infectious  energy. They both stayed in Pullman days after. Celebrating with friends. I can tell you this…Cougars stick together. The Alumni carry a bond for life. It really is something to cherish. Regardless of how good or bad their sports teams are. Macey always was impressed how loyal the fans, students, parents and faculty are in supporting every game/sporting event. Always a full house.

The few times I was over there you have this feeling when you arrive. Yes, it may be known as a party town surrounded by wheat fields, but I can tell you this…I could not be more thankful for her attending this college. Being loyal and seeing it, living it and understanding it on your own is something that is imbedded in her. Her soul has always been adventurous, loyal and maybe too truthful at times. In her heart and through life she will have a bond even with many Alumni she may not know now, but will cross paths in years to follow. “Go Cougs” As they say!IMG_9604

This is Macey... I love she never fears to walk alone. She has already and will continue to find herself in places no one has been before
This is Macey… I love she never fears to walk alone. She has already and will continue to find herself in places no one has been before