Walnut Herb Crumble


As I love to create new things-I have to admit they do not always turn out.
This was one that did!
It is now one of my favorite pairing of flavors.

This can be used for topping on:
Steak: flank works really well or skirt-steak
Grilled chicken
My favorite on roasted veggies

Packed with Omegas & protein… this fills you up!


Handful of fresh basil from the garden
Handful of cilantro too
1 cup or so of walnuts
3-5 raw garlic- all 5 if you like it spicy
1-2 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt to taste
Lime juice- 1 squeezed fresh lime- more for garnish if you prefer
Optional diced roasted jalapeño-My girlfriend addded this and loved it

If you have a processor that does pulse you could do that or chop is the other option
pulse the herbs first add garlic and pulse, then walnuts and last oil and lime
Sea salt to taste
herbs finely
dice garlic
chop walnuts
add oil & lime juice and stir until well coated
Sea salt to taste

Let stand for flavors to combine to together -10 to 15 minutes
It can stay fresh in the frig up to 4 days

Recipe created by: Tina Meade/Beyond Blyss