Healthy Harvest Pumpkin Granola Recipe


Anyone that knows me well understands my obsession of pumpkin.

I was traveling for work last month and while I was picking up some snacks at Whole Foods I spotted a healthy fresh pumpkin granola.
I had been looking for one as there is a lot of processed ones out with several added unnecessary fats and chemicals in them.

After enjoying it I thought to myself I could create one just as delicious.


I decided to take my staple recipe and add organic pumpkin purée to it.
Healthy Harvest Pumpkin Granola
1 jar unsweetened applesauce (24 ounces-I use only organic)
1 cup real maple syrup (I only use organic)
1/4 cup of raw or organic honey- I use a local one from my town
15 ounces Organic pumpkin (I use Farmers Market brand) it comes in a paper carton or a BPA free liner can.
4 Cups of Oatmeal
3/4 Cup of flaxseed meal
1 Cup pepitos seeds
1 Cup sliced or silvered almonds
1 Cup chopped walnuts
1T vanilla (a good one)
1T cinnamon
1T nutmeg

Preheat oven 325 convection bake

In a saucepan on medium low mix applesauce, maple syrup and pumpkin purée
Stirring occasionally
Continue about 10 min or until the graininess is gone from the applesauce
Add honey last few minutes before removing from the heat
Remove from heat mix in cinnamon & nutmeg & vanilla

Line two cookie sheets with parchment
Layer evenly throughout the sheet.

Bake 1 hour with tossing every 15 minutes to add crunch consistently
I ended up baking longer than this to get the crunch -the pumpkin adds moisture compared to my original recipe I posted.

Let stand at least a full hour before storing in containers