Healthy benefits, juicing, GMOs and more…


I have a desire to always continue to learn and grow.
Especially with my passion for cooking, creating and growing a lot of our own produce.
I research if not daily pretty close to it.

I recently had a wonderful conversation with a girlfriend. She really encouraged me to share what I know/learn.
It could really help people that may want to use food as medicine.

That is the great thing about life… You can always continue to learn from one another.
If the information you learn from this post is not needed in your chapter of your life now, it may be beneficial at some point.




I felt I knew a lot about health and nutrition, however I have to share watching these documentaries really stimulated my mind and taught me a lot.
I highly recommend it if you are interested in learning how our food system works. Also, how juicing is so beneficial to your daily regimens.












Yes! My boys are even enjoying the juicing.
The orange is oranges, carrots, lemon, ginger, & turmeric.
The red one is beets, carrots, pineapple, & apple.
What I did learn as juicing takes time and that may be the biggest complaint I hear.
You can make your juice ahead of time if you follow these instructions; fill container completely full- no oxygen in the container. Keep in a dark place in your frig-no light. Drink within 48 hours.








I created a drink my boys have been requesting now daily. They have no idea the wonderful health benefits it has.
1banana, about a 1/2 cup or so of almond milk, 5 ice cubes a few teaspoons of chia seeds and 1 T of juiced wheatgrass-run through juicer and discard the grass
Blend and you have a kid friendly and healthy smoothie.







There are so many healthy benefits in herbs and spices.
The great thing is you can contribute these all to your savory & sweet dishes daily.



I have had several discussions with friends about labeling GMO’s.
Bottom line the consumer has the right to know how the food they are buying is made.
Many countries this is not an option and not allowed.
This link is so you can check your brand of yogurt:
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Here is some valuable information to take in consideration.






This is great knowing and understanding if your produce is naturally grown or chemically made.
A site that is a go to for learning about our food system is:
Here is some great information she shared on food being labeled “all natural”
(Direct from food
How are companies getting away with labeling an entire product line 100% all natural and still using GMOs?! Well, they are not exactly getting away with this. Even though the FDA does not have a strict definition around what natural means, these companies are being sued left and right because they are misleading the consumer with false advertising and claims.

Since the FDA is asleep at the wheel, any lawyers out there want to take this on?
Labeling a product 100% all natural and not being able to verify it (see video on her site), is extremely unfair to the consumer. This is fraudulent and irresponsible marketing that Lean Cuisine and parent company Nestle need to be held accountable for.

How long do you think it will be before Nestle/Lean Cuisine joins the ranks of General Mills (Nature Valley GranolaBars), Conagra (Wesson Oil), Pepsi (Naked Juice), Frito-Lay (Tostitos and Sun Chips), Kashi (Cereal), Barbara’s Bakery (Cereal), Pepperidge Farm (Gold Fish), etc? All of these companies have been or being sued for mislabeling their products as “all natural” when really their products contain synthetic materials or GMO’s.

GMOs are not found in nature! The DNA has been altered in a laboratory.
GMOs increases the use of toxic chemicals in our environment, kill bees and are linked to cancer, allergies and autoimmune disorders in animal studies.

To avoid GMOs, choose products with the USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified labels and remember, 100% natural does not equal GMO free.
One of the most unsuspecting ingredients is “sugar” that comes from GMO sugar beets (unless listed as cane sugar) and “natural flavor” that usually starts with a base of GMO corn (and can also contain beaver anal secretions – ewwww!). Also, hidden GMOs can be found in any meat product that is labeled “all natural” because it is likely raised with GMO feed. Here’s a full list of common GMO ingredients.

Here is the link for the list of ingredients that have GMOs



Since our little ones will be trick or treating in less than a weeks time.
I wanted to share candy list with GMOS and without. This is also a repost from

Many of the better and GMO free candy options are available to purchase at local health food stores, on the internet and at even some mainstream stores like Target.

Endangered Species Organic Chocolate
UnReal Candy #54 and UnReal Candy #41
UnReal #8
Panda Raspberry or Cherry Licorice
Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Bears
UnReal #77 Peanut Butter Cups
Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears
Yummy Earth Organic Candy
If we all take a stand and stop supporting companies that use these chemicals and GMOs in their products – eventually there will be a tipping point. A tipping point, where food manufacturers will willingly remove these ingredients from their products.

Tell all your friends, neighbors and family members you want a GMO free Halloween this year and share these ideas with them.

Hopefully you have learned something about the food, herbs and produce that you may have in your daily meals. Understanding some of the health benefits they offer.



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