Aha birthday moments!

I’m in such awe with all the love over these last few weeks.
My birthday celebrations started really a week prior to the actual date.
I’m not one that likes to be the center of attention. However I must say….my family & friends made me feel so special and my heart is dancing with joy.
I honestly will hold these memories forever.

My first celebration was with a few amazing gals I’m so fortunate to have in my life.
They inspire me always to be the best I can be.
We laugh endlessly… The positive energy is so contagious. I feel so wonderful being surrounded by such kindness.








We had the best time at The Beekman dessert tasting & book signing
Afterwards I was treated to wonderful dinner. We also had to squeeze in our “evening out on the town” a little shopping.

I picked up these vintage mercury glass ornaments. I could not pass them up!

With it being a weeknight and all of us working the next day. I wanted to give the girls a special early morning treat.
My homemade healthy granola. Packed with protein to give you great energy throughout the day.


Feeling full of bliss….some of my favorite things; local honey, chocolate caramels with a touch of sea salt, the most fragrant vanilla beans and the freshest, and a beautiful Eco friendly canvas bag.
My gals know me too well.

My husband was the sweetest! He and both of my sons picked out a “funny” card. They were still laughing for days after giving it to me. I got such a kick out of how much laughter it brought them.
He bought me a few things that were on my “want” list as well as my “need” list.
We usually celebrate with a movie, long walk and dinner… This year he said to me

I wanted to make it extra special for you!

He is like a child Christmas morning…. He could not wait for the kids to wake up to give me the gifts they picked up. Too much joy in giving.
He was more excited to “give” and kept surprising me every few minutes. That was my favorite part of it all-Feeling his joy and excitement.
One thing I really wanted for sometime is lenses for my iPhone. My really good friend has them and have been enjoying her amazing photos. With her input and with husbands research it really does make a difference in which ones to purchase.
They have hundreds on the market now. The ollo-clip is the one to get for sure. It has fisheye, wide lens and close up. It has helped tremendously with cutting down the blur which sometimes you do not realize happen in that moment. The clarity and focus has been the biggest difference.


The morning of my birthday my beautiful friend and walking partner had asked me to breakfast at “our spot” where we go walking.
It was a beautiful day and we both felt a little guilty we did not have our pups and were not walking.
Well, once we cheers to bloody-mary’s those feeling escaped us both.
We had the most wonderful eggs Benedict with spinach in place of the bacon.
Laughter, giggles, great food, the best company….We could talk for hours and not realize where the time had went.
I had the best time and she always makes me feel special, birthday or not.
She brings calmness to my busy days, and I’m always inspired by the way she lives her life.
She is a free spirit and takes in all that is brought her way. She lives life to the fullest.
She is never stressed (and if she is you would never know) always busy, but makes time for our friendship.
She is such an amazing momma. I love her relationship with her children. Such unconditional love. Fabulous wife! We love spending time with her entire family.
I’m grateful just being around her. She adds such serenity to my crazy days.
Her kindness is something I admire. She could not attend our outing with the Beekmans so she made sure she gave me a gift that morning we went walking. She was also afraid I may purchase it for myself that evening.




Throughout my actual birthday I received many kind wishes and such thoughtful words.

One of my really good friends that lives in California wished me happy birthday Eve, happy birthday and sent me a special card and also gift card to Sur La Table. (Mommys toy store)
In these moments I wish we lived close as spending time with her is always the greatest; she makes my belly ache and my face muscles get a major workout. She is bold & lively. She is a true italian. Honest and passionate to the core.
I admire her in so many ways; amazing momma, wonderful wife and she takes her friendships and holds them on the highest pedestal. Never fails to inspire you, to treat you so special and cares to no end. Consistently reaching out just to say she loves me and misses me and the family. When you are in her presence the energy is at the highest highs. You feel fabulous. She has embraced my family, loves my children and gets my husbands humor.
She is some of my greatest laughter. She inspires me to always be myself and never shy away from that.
She defiantly stimulates my soul.

My parents popped over and visited me, brought me surprises and we planned for the upcoming Sunday a breakfast outing at “our spot” Shakabrah. It is always a special treat to go there and a wonderful time catching up with another.
It meant so much to me as when we look back it is the time together that we all cherish.


Overall it was such a memorable birthday. I’m feeling very blessed in my surroundings.
As I’m grateful for everything I was given. The greatest gift is time spent with my friends and family.
These are the moments that grab hold of me and fill my soul with delight!