Welcoming the royalty chicks


Life changing to have such wholesome delicious eggs daily. IMG_0566

It all started years ago learning more about our food system in the United States. My love for animals had me in tears learning what these beautiful chicks go through to supply grocery store chains with eggs. cruelty is inhumane; bottom line. 

http://www.org/effort-begins-in-washington-state-to-ban-cruel-battery-cages-for-egg-laying-hens for more information in Washington State

Secondly is what they are being fed. Overdosing of GMO’s, horrible refined corn, soy, and so much more… It is so true “you are what you eat”

I have a girlfriend that has not been able to eat eggs for almost 20 years. I feed our girls fresh kale, spinach, collard, and many more veggies. Kale is their favorite! The grains they eat are organic, GMO soy free. So she tried one egg a Sunday afternoon. She was completely fine. Usually violently sick for a day. She did try another before she contacted me full of happiness.

She has now named them “miracle eggs”

She is able to bake and enjoy so many more things she hasn’t for so many years. She is so grateful and keeps saying “how will I ever repay you?” I told her it is joy enough knowing I could bring her this much happiness.

My husband built the “Taj Mahal Coop” for our girls. My dear friend Cynthia named the coop when she first laid eyes on it.


DSC_3166 DSC_9800 DSC_9801

DSC_9862 DSC_9864 DSC_9865



It has been over a year that we have had four. We had two new girls join the flock late spring.

Total of six royalty chicks!

Queen Elizabeth Easter Egger we could not have named her more perfectly. Head of the pecking order. She is our classic beauty with the most gorgeous feathers. She lays the most brilliant sky blue eggs. Kale is her favorite and Beyoncé & Lady Diana are her closest friends.

DSC_9342 DSC_9344DSC_9633DSC_9844Processed with VSCOcam with c3 presetDSC_4693DSC_4890DSC_6547 DSC_6555DSC_0359


Lady Diana Buff Orpington Sweetest, friendliest, and always curious. She has a nickname “waddles” as she has the cutest  waddle when she walks around the yard when we let them out. She hears the bag a mealworms shake and she is front and center! They are her favorite treat. She lays lovely large brown eggs. She is friendly with all the chicks equally.

She is our “social butterfly”IMG_0449

DSC_8627 (1)

Jadens favorite chick!

DSC_8547DSC_8457DSC_9293 DSC_9338 DSC_9292 DSC_9297 DSC_9339

DSC_9348 DSC_9349DSC_9386 DSC_9387 DSC_9390 DSC_9621We just adore this picture of Lady Diana


Queen Bey (Beyonce)- Rhode island red She has curves and is our largest chick. Picky about her food & veggies. She is not the friendliest of the bunch but hangs out with the chicks. She is curious and not shy. She prefers her grains and spinach. Her best buds are Lady Diana & Queen Elizabeth. She lays beautiful brown extra-large eggs.



IMG_7447 (1)DSC_9824DSC_9838DSC_9844


Princess Kate- She was our first layer. She joined us a week later than Elizabeth, Lady Di, and Queen Bey. She is very petite and has a ton of energy. She is sweet, friendly curious and more independent than the other chicks.

DSC_8624 (1)Bren adores her!

IMG_7450 (1)IMG_7451IMG_7447IMG_7448DSC_5137

She was our first layer and it was a double yolk!


Eggs should be a variety of color and size.


Jaden did a project at school on Princess Kate. We have a great video of her laying the first egg. She is tiny but is spunky!


Morgan Freeman & Fergy- brown leghorns gorgeous layers of feathers with hues of browns and grays.  They both were a bit skittish at first. It took a bit of time adapting with the others chicks. Also, they were older when we bought them. Already 6 weeks old.

I highly recommend buying when they are a day or two old. It really makes a difference in their personalities. They are full of energy, tall and thin. Love to fly up on the arbor and are best friends with each other. They lay extra-large white eggs. They love any and every treat, grain and veggie, not picky. Becoming more friendly by the day and extremely curious. Love eating out of our hands.


IMG_9797 IMG_9801 IMG_9805 DSC_4653


DSC_6843 DSC_6853 DSC_6849

Typical day,  Jaden jumping off his bike to get them down. DSC_6847

DSC_6846 DSC_6860 DSC_6856


A few photos of the boys friends enjoying the chicks too!

DSC_9823 DSC_9815DSC_9827 DSC_4881

Our little Coco just so interested when we first had them at home. Now she is afraid of them as they are bigger than her.


Backyards chickens are enjoyable to have and the benefits are well worth the work that goes into them.

Having a produce garden full of veggies that are grown by seed is rewarding to know that they are eating no GMO’s.

As with any animal it is best to research from the care to the best kinds to have in the area you live.

Resources in the NW: Gardesphere http://gardensphere.biz/?page_id=33

Seasonal classes are held here as well

Half Moon Feeds: No soy, GMO free, about 90% organic pelletized or crumble at a great price point. Unfortunately, Half Moon has trouble keeping us supplied. We do not know whether it is ingredient issues, mechanical issues or otherwise. We stand behind their feed, but be aware that there may be shortages at times.

Scratch and Peck Feeds: A whole grain feed, no soy, that is certified 100% organic and certified GMO free. This feed is awesome, we highly recommend it. This company is run beautifully and we can GUARANTEE this feed to be in stock.

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