Kaleidoscoping through the Cape & Kruger chapter 1

The experience especially with my three favorite fellows was emotional, and truly the most heartfelt to date!

-Forever changed exploring through South Africa.

Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary & boys spring break we had been looking forward to this for almost a year.

11150820_10206434615324633_335913224402279731_nAs we started our extremely long journey; 27 hours to be exact we were all looking forward to unknown discoveries and adventures ahead.

We finally landed in Cape Town around 11am and dropped our bags at our apartment and went straight to the ferry for Robben Island Tour. You have to purchase in advance as the ferry times sell out weeks prior to arriving.

Time to rally and go…

The symbolic value of Robben Island lies in its somber history, as a prison and a hospital for unfortunates who were sequestered as being socially undesirable. This came to an end in the 1990s when the inhuman Apartheid regime was rejected by the South African people and the political prisoners who had been incarcerated on the Island received their freedom after many years.

Our guide and ex-prisoner


Intense feeling within to stand here and see this…
Inside the prisoners cell
The boys were fully engaged
Nelson Mandela lived in this cell for 18 years of his 27 years of life in prison.



Boys outside where Nelson lived
Boys outside of Nelson’s cell
The courtyard outside the window of Nelsons cell
The scenery on the island was subdued -finding the beauty…
Such a great soul and we were all so grateful to spend time with him
Robben Island -Spring ’15


Taking it all in…


A day of learning, growing and unknown adventures…grateful for these moments.


Stunning views on our ferry ride back DSC_1160DSC_1174


A SUN-DAY to end our evening and we are off for more adventures tomorrow…