Aha birthday moments!

I’m in such awe with all the love over these last few weeks. My birthday celebrations started really a week prior to the actual date. I’m not one that likes to be the center of attention. However I must say….my family & friends made me feel so special and my heart is dancing with joy….

Baby Cochrane’s Reveal Party

My beautiful niece and her husband are expecting their first baby. Over the last few years they have had some of the most celebrated moments; a beautiful wedding on the beach at their favorite vacation spot, Cabo San Lucas. They just moved into their first home. And not to mention they both continue to excel…

Fourth of July with fabulous friends

Our boys loved celebrating the Fourth of July the year before at home. Low key, our own fireworks and watching all the others go off from across the water. They had requested we do the same. Bren wanted to invite his best friend Zach. We decided to invite his family as they are great friends…

Celebrating 23 years together with our favorite boys

Celebrating 23 years with my best friend and favorite boys was endless joy and full of lots of laughter. Cirque is always so entertaining and have never seen a bad performance. We knew this is the way we wanted to celebrate our anniversary .