The Rock Restaurant -Zanzibar

As we enjoyed our adventures through Stone Town & Prison Island…we asked our driver if he would be open the following day to go to The Rock Restaurant.
Knowing it is 2 hours away and I had asked the hotel the day we arrived how expensive it would be… (Lets just say out of our budget).
I was so surprised he came back with a very good price.
Yes, another outing to look forward too!

In route to this part of Zanzibar really started to like a tropical island.
Greenery surrounded us; palms, big leaf plants & trees and stretches of spice plantations. Less villages as we went further.
Trees that swept over parts of the road that connected with one another.
It shaded the road with only peak a boo rays vibrantly squeezing through.

As we were approaching closer to the ocean it instantly changed in landscape.
It was a desert serene and very little vegetation. Especially with what we experience for the last hour and a half..

We arrived! The tide was out so we could walk up to the rock.
It sits on the edge of the Indian Ocean and on a very large rock.
The beach surrounding was white washed sands.
The water was mixes of green, aqua tones.
The restaurant is a quaint house and has lovely touches throughout.
One of my favorites was finding the clothesline down the side with linens hanging and swaying to the slight breeze.
The presentation of food was delightful and they showed throughout the attention to detail.
I had a shrimp mango salad. It was delicious.
Along the journey it has been very light on stellar eats.
Soups, Chumbe Island & a local beach grill on Zanzibar is what comes to mind for striking my palette.

As we lounged out on the deck after lunch. The tide made its way in to the restaurant.
The restaurant has taxi-boat service to land.
It is barely a minute on the boat, but it is that or swim your way back to shore.


















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  1. raisa ress says:

    I love this restaurant! talk about a magical setting!!!!!

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