Western Serengeti in awe

After a night a very little sleep, well pretty much for me… We met up with Siad.
He asked how everything was and we shared very interesting. He knew the place was not the greatest and made a call to get us changed into another place.
Knowing we, especially my husband Rob wanted to experience the tented camp he made a call.
We enjoyed a morning game drive and found a leopard with the prey he/she caught above her.
We were super excited when Siad shared we were heading back to the lodge, packing up & heading to the Western Serengeti.
Entering into The Western part was so breathtaking. Beautiful greenery surrounded us. The rains had cleared the dust from the air. It was so large it was endless land every direction you looked.
We came upon two elephants very close to the dirt road bathing themselves in a mud bath. It helps keep the insects off.
To very much surprise, even to our guide Siad we came upon part of the “Great Migration”
It was completely beyond what we ever excepted.
The Great Migration is off this year so many so friends we met along our travels were going by mobile tented camps searching it out.
As we arrived at our tented camps it was everything we had imagined it to be & everything we wanted.
Very rustic vibe and such a serene feeling looking over the Serengeti with non stop sounds of zebra sounds and watching them be so playful with one another.
As we sat for lunch we all did a toast to Siad “another perfect day”
We went to our amazing tents tucked in the brush & hillside.
We rested & washed up and headed back out for dinner.
This place like the Boundary Hill in the dark you are walked to & from your tent by Masai.
As we are in the Serengeti National Park & animals can be anywhere at any moment.
The only thing that graced our presence here was a male Baboon, but he ventured into the brush once he saw us.
Our last evening with Siad was bittersweet. He shared stories with us, we all laughed and took in the Serengeti air…









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