Masai Tribe Visit

Heading to the Ngrorangrora Crater Siad took us to visit the Masai Tribe.
We were greeted by a welcoming dance and the chiefs son.
We entered into the village. Greg and Rob were pulled in with the male Masai. They started the dance and lots of jumping. Two go against each other to see who can go the highest. Whoever does gets his pick of the female.
Liz & I joined the women and we were greeted with large beaded necklaces; all handmade.
We all danced and took in the culture.
We were welcomed into their homes made by mud
He shared how their culture is and how the men have multiple wives.
Very minimal living space; about 55-65 square feet according to my husband.
We visited the school which may have been a tiny bit bigger.
We gave them school supplies and a few goodies.









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