My love for fall and all it’s palettes





















For me fall is the loveliest time of the year.

The vibrant colors that surrounds us by nature is so delightful in itself. Especially living in the NW it adds brightness to gloomy gray and rainy days. Palettes yellow to the brightest orange to red in all shades.

Some of the most delicious treats & eats.
My favorite pumpkin!
Homemade Spicy Pumpkin Soup with a touch of coconut
Everything pumpkin followed by butternut to sweet potatoes. The best cream of the crop in veggies!

Candy coated, chocolate & caramel Apples.
The tradition: Granny Smith w/ Caramel fleur de sel
Belgium chocolate: Swirled happiness

Husbands favorite and his birthday dinner. A few days late (not intended, under the weather)
Chicken Parmesan w/ homemade marinara, fresh basil & oregano.

Lets not forget! Roasted Pumpkin seeds Yum is a understatement when you roast with olive oil & truffle salt
May be the best thing I have ever created.

October with my family & friends has me so inspired for November.

Looking forward to many traditions; walks in the rain, while enjoying the chill of the wind blowing, vibrant leaves falling and catching up with my walking partner (which is always full of the best medicine: laughter).

Daily “At the Table” with my family. This is the best part of the day for me. All of us gathering for dinner & having a home cooked meal. This is always moments I will hold onto forever. Sharing stories, catching up and Bren always full of humor. He is at his peek in the evenings.

Creating Culinary traditions along with always coloring outside the lines and trying new recipes and making my own spin on it.

Soccer & football rain or shine!
Both continue through November.
Love seeing how my boys continue to grow each year.
They have great coaches which are balanced in the way that I completely respect and truly thankful.
Love visiting with old friends & new.

As my love for Coco is beyond unconditional and she is pure happiness.
I have to be so in awe by our “wild animals” that visit if not daily every few days.
I hope the bunnies that are becoming fearless are loving the bunches of kale that seem to be endless in there growth cycle.
Old familiar deer and some new ones as well.
Hummingbirds! As I could not be more happy my herb Pineapple sage has turned into a very large beautiful bush. Fire-red blooms!
They are loving it and now have made a nest very nearby in the yard.
I’m was so intrigued by them.

Fall is not just in the air… It is present and loving all it brings…

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